September 05, 2016

How to Find the Best Work at Home Jobs for Moms

Being a mom is one of the greatest honors on this earth. It is also a huge responsibility and can leave little time for other endeavors. In recent years, many employers have realized that there is a largely untouched workforce in moms.

                      What Moms Should Look for in a Work From Home Job

It's no secret that there are thousands and maybe even millions of work from home jobs today, but what should a mom look for in one of these jobs? Many companies today are looking for work from home Customer Support Representatives. Moms are not always able to help a customer install a computer and keep track of the kids at the same time. Moms need a job that can be worked on in increments. Working for an hour at a time may not always be possible, but working for 5 minutes at a time is definitely possible. Secondly, jobs for stay home moms should be consistent. Many companies hire work at home moms for outstanding pay, but they rarely have work available. Most of those companies require moms to be sitting at or near their computer all day so they can quickly claim work as it becomes available. When choosing a job, moms should always make sure that there is an abundance of work that they can work on at any time. Forums, blogs, and review websites are a great resource for checking the amount of work available from most work from home jobs.

                                                               Where to Start
There are several broad categories that are great ways to figure out what suits a mom's schedule the best. These suggestions are a mixture of skilled and non-skilled positions. All of the suggestions in this section are great jobs for stay home moms.

1. Website Testing - Also known as "Usability Testing". These jobs usually pay around $10.00 per job and take 10 minutes to complete. Usually, no experience is necessary and there are many great employers out there that will hire applicants immediately. The downside to this job is that there is not always an abundance of work.

2. Micro Jobs - Micro Jobs are compiled on database websites and allow users to choose from thousands of different small jobs. Each job is its own contract and has its own pay. Jobs usually last from 2 seconds to 2 hours. Micro Jobs are great, because they are so flexible! Workers can work for as little as 2 seconds, or they can put 100 jobs in their queue and be busy all day. There are always tons of jobs, but the compensation can be low sometimes.

3. Transcription - Transcription jobs are great work from home opportunities for moms. They allow moms to work at their own pace, have a decent pay rate, and usually there is plenty of work to go around. Transcriptionists take audio, video, or even text files and put the contents into a readable format.

4. Content Mills - One of the best jobs for stay at home moms is writing for a content mill. These companies compile requests for articles, blogs, copywriting, reviews, posts and anything else written on the internet and find workers to write these for a fee. Pay is typically great and work is consistent.

In conclusion, there are lots of great jobs for stay home moms out there, but it may take some trial and error to figure out what is best. The benefit of most of these work from home opportunities for moms is that moms are not limited to just one! Multiple streams of income is the best option for stay at home moms. Moms should find out what opportunities suit them best and then choose the best option on a daily, or even hourly, basis.

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