March 18, 2013

How to Start a Food business From Home

Starting a food business is a great way to combine your hobby with a career. 
It is one business that will always have a demand.  If you really like to cook and are good at it you may be surprised at how easy it would be to develop an income helping other people enjoy healthy foods. Food is a basic need of man and an important need of the body and the best way to give someone a treat too. This is the main reason for you to use it to start your money making business at home.  You don’t need  to have a college degree for you to learn or know how to cook. It may need you to have that good taste bud to be succeed in this business.

However, the ability to cook good food  and tasty desserts is not a guarantee of commercial success. Knowing how to cook and starting a food  business are two different things. While you now have mastered the techniques of your craft in the culinary school, your next step is to learn how to start and operate a business. Then you can use your talent to cook food for  consumer . Sometimes the hardest part of starting up a business is coming up with a business idea, Anyone starting a small business obviously has many questions and is looking for the resources to start their business. We have it all right here to help you find what you are looking for. Everything and anything man has ever done started with just an idea.

You must be careful in everything you do because your business depends on your credibility to provide them clean and delicious food. Once you set up your goal to make a cooking business in your home the next thing to consider is the site where people will be able to know about your offer. A good location accessible to many people is a considerable place to start with. You will need to consider the area and conduciveness of  the place to sell food. If you decided to get that place then make sure that it will pass sanitation.


1. You need to select a name - I know this seems obvious, but choosing a name is very important. This is what people will know your business by. A good name can drive customers to you. Think of something that has to do with food or taste

2. Business plan Before anything else, you need to develop a business plan, form a clear picture of what you can  sell to make money. The first step is to identify what type of food item you will produce. Particularly, you need to determine what product the consumer will buy and continue to buy.  There are various types and you must decide according to your interests and expertise. Talking about the options, you can open a  restaurant, food truck or mobile canteen, a retail store selling fresh fruits and vegetables, you can start a bakery, sweet mart or a juice shop selling seasonal juices. Options are  innumerable, and the best thing about food business is that  you don't need a very heavy  start-up  cost.

3. Get a license - You will need a business license to open your catering service. There are steps and important facts that you will need to consider. It will be depending on the laws of your State. You will need to contact your local zoning board to see if you will be allowed to run a food business from your home. Local health regulations may not allow your home kitchen to be used as a commercial place of business. You may also need to get certification to operate a food service business from your local health inspector or business certification office. Contact your  city clerk to get the contact information you need to see if you can work from home, or if you need to rent a commercial space.

4. Permits - You will need to have a permit from the local Health Department to open your business. This is customary and no trouble to get.

;"><img src="" alt="how to start a food business,food,picnic" width="211" height="320" /></div>5. Get a kitchen, equipment, and supplies - This is the real working blocks of your catering business. Make sure that you have everything you need to make diverse dishes quickly, because often you'll get calls from potential clients for last minute events. The  start up cost really depends of the type of food business you want to start, you will need say about $3000 for deposits on rent,gas and electric, you will also think about phone and  garbage bills. 
About $5000 to stock food, napkins, straws, to go cups and containers, foil, big rolls, paper towels in the dispensers, in the restrooms, rugs to wipe your feet, rubber mats to stand on in the kitchen, towels and rags to clean with, aprons etc. You will need about $3000 for most of the equipment.  You don't need to build or buy a kitchen, you can lease your equipments for not too much money. You should start your business out small to reduce the need to invest in a great deal of expensive cooking equipments

6. Advertising material - You will need to have catering business cards, a few brochures to spread around, and an email address and phone number so clients can reach you. Hand out your business cards where ever you go. Have them in your pocket and ready to give out. It is best to leave out prices in your flyers or brochures because that information can become dated too quickly. Just discuss the types of food that you offer.