September 14, 2016

Mobile Phones and Accessories - Prospects For Small Business

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Mobile phones and accessories provide a vast opportunity for small businesses to tap from and make a lot of profits to run themselves, as well as to expand further. There are many prospects in this area of business that should be exploited and because it provides divers opportunities, the small scale business could benefit in no small measure.

A look into the mobile phones business shows that it is one of the platforms that the small businesses could use as a laundering pad into their own breakthrough and guarantee a regular stream of profit. The reason for this optimism is not far fetched as they include:

1. High demand: Mobile phones are in high demand worldwide because they are the easiest way to communicate right now. Everybody is using mobile phones - teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, traders, drivers, conductors, farmers, or marketers, adults, children, just name them. Apart from being a means of communication, they are used for other purposes such, as photography, games, music, video, internet browsing etc. It is a great market opportunity in countries like Nigeria, India and China which have large population and emerging telecommunication systems. With subscribers base running into several millions mobile phones and accessories sure provide a great prospect for small business in these countries.

2. Variety to choose from: The wide variety and models to choose from makes it a healthy area to profit from. Customers are always available to buy from whatever variety or model you market since they all have their own special features that attract certain customers to them. Some of the brands you could market include Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Siemens, Philips, O2, Sagem, XDA, Sharp etc. With varieties you are sure to make sale from time.

3. Low capital requirement: The capital required to start the business is low as there are cheap phones that are needed by the vast population of the poor. Having a minimal amount of money is enough for you to start it up and grow it gradually. You do not need to break a bank safe to start up the distribution of mobile phones

4. Good profit margin: The possibility of making profit is very high; mobile phones and accessories are both necessities and luxuries. Meaning that people would always buy them no matter the cost thereby ensuring that the marketer makes profit.

Apart from the sales of mobile phone, the small scale business could benefit immensely from marketing the phone accessories such as Bluetooth headsets, SIM, cases handsfree car kits, batteries, chargers, faceplates, memory cards, USB Cables, etc. So long as mobile phones and telecommunication remain in existence you will keep making sales and profits; and because there is always a change in models there would always be regular demands for new modals which keep you in business.

Joining the affiliate programmes of the manufacturing companies is also a way of increasing your income prospects, because you would always get paid as new customers buy from the company through your referral link. This in itself could give you a regular income.

Joseph Ezie Efoghor is a 'small business' manager with years of practical experience. He writes on variety of topics which you may find beneficial to you. For more on his write-ups visit

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