March 20, 2013

How to Sell Your Used Baby Items

This page is about how to sell your used  baby items and how you can make a little extra money while cleaning out the kids chest. Babies grow out of their clothes so fast that they still look as good as new. Once this happens  there's not much to do with them other than to pack them and keep somewhere in the store, donate them or sell them . 

When you have babies around, it seems like you are constantly buying some new baby items for them to use. Whether it is a stroller, bassinets, a playpen, a high chair, cribs, toddler beds, cradles, car seats and changing tables— or any kind of toy, they will eventually outgrow it.

Most kids gets tired of their toys and books easily and want new ones, and they certainly can't wear clothes that no longer fit. If you can't bear to give away those expensive  things your kid refuses to wear, use or has out grown, it's time to start a business, ! Selling these items can bring in some extra cash to pay for things that your baby will use.

Baby used items  are always in high demand as population continues to increase. With the high cost of infant clothing, furniture and toys,  many parents are turning to second-hand baby items to try and save money.

I went to where we store stuff we no longer use,I just said to myself, these children things has to go, i have been gathering them for almost four years,(my son is almost 6yrs and my daughter  4yrs old) your can imagine the stuffs that has been accumulated over these years for the two of them. I went online and found a shop in my area where i can take it to for some cash, i prepared them as indicated below and took them there.

The items were valued and I was paid some cash i was not expecting, and the money was used for something the kids needed at that moment.Once they outgrow any of their stuff or don;t need them anymore, I just take them to the store instead of keeping them.

Ways to sell used baby clothes

Prepare the baby items you want to sell by cleaning them, iron and neatly fold them.  Make sure to remove dirt from the toys and wash any previously worn baby clothing to remove stains. The better the condition of the items you want to sell, the more you will receive for them. Stains, missing buttons, holes and tear will not get your used baby items sold regardless of how good they are.   Take them to a local re-sale store. These shops are in all cities these days.  look in the yellow pages or on the internet for used baby items  and you are sure to find something near you.

Sell your baby items on Craigslist - It is free, and many people use it. You can list your items under "baby+kids." Make sure to be detailed about the items you are selling and a photo of the items you want to, so that people can see what the want to buy.

Sell your used baby items on -  Always write a clear, easy-to-understand, description of the article of clothing. If the dress is a size S or a "red" color, don’t make it  to be a size “m ;.  Never, ever, ever lie!. There may be a small fee involved, but many shoppers trust purchasing their items through this site. Be sure to include a good, crisp picture of whatever article of clothing you are selling.

List your used baby items on my kids closet - The site features a classified site for moms, dads, grandparents and anyone else who is looking to buy and sell new or used kids' items. The best part is, you can place unlimited ads for free, with no auction fee.